About us


Our team builds software for scientists for more than 8 years. We perfectly understand what scientists need and how computational science works. We can quickly turn ideas to prototypes, then prototypes to useful software tools. With background in computational mathematics, creative approaches and excellent skills in software engineering we create software that helps to generate and understand results of unprecedented complexity.

We have successfully participated in number of joint projects with Microsoft Research, Russian Space Agency, Russian Institute of Space Research and several commercial companies. Our primary areas of expertise include scientific data processing, scientific workflows and 2D/3D interactive exploratory visualization.

Our primary platform is Windows and Windows Azure with C# and F# as main programming languages but we are not limited to it. Our latest projects fully utilize power and cross-platform capabilities of HTML5 environment. We employ  Agile development process backed by  Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Git to deliver quality results in time.

We are always looking for opportunity to start new projects, to learn and create something really new and exciting!

You are welcome to explore our project pages to see what we have built and what we are working on now.